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Greetings from the Man Cave

I’m Gary Ingram, a retired government employee. That sounds so boring, but I was a government forensic specialist who focused on shootings, stabbings and traumatics. NOT boring. Loved autopsies. My wife gets upset when I talk about them during dinner. But I digress.

Retirement didn’t suit me. I worked with my son, flipping houses in California for a few years. Got tired of driving up and down the state every week, so I became a part-time cigar specialist for a wine and spirits store near my home. One day I was looking at a pile of cigar boxes with shelves of fine whiskey behind them and it occurred to me I might be able to make some cool lamps with the boxes and bottles. Took them home to my man cave workshop and began a new hobby that was better than golf.  

I also started a blog titled “Chief of Questions.” It was featured on a website called “Boomer Reviews,” that is now gone. But I still have a lot of questions so I moved it here to the man cave. And I also have a lot of useless information that makes people laugh. 

I love a good cigar, an occasional taste of Scotch whiskey or silver tequila, and listening to my favorite music, from smooth jazz to classic country to Jethro Tull. I  was the first ball boy for the Denver Broncos in 1960-61. I love football, NASCAR and restoring old cars. I have an old Ford F250 named Sylvester. All of this is fodder for my hobby of making custom lamps, chandeliers, fountains and bird-feeders in my man cave. Now people call me an artist. I like that! And I enjoy clients who bring me a personal object or memento to turn into a useful work of art. 

Originally from Golden, CO, home of Coors Brewery, I moved to Southern California in 2003. My man cave is now in Mission Viejo where I live with my “boss” – aka my wife, plus two dogs and a cat who thinks it’s a dog. I hope you will get as big a kick outta my man cave as I do. And please do let me make YOU a useful work of art!

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